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We take pride in providing a level of personalized service necessary to reach your goals.  We look forward to becoming a partner in your success!

Tax Services

This is perhaps our favorite way to add value to our clients and their businesses.  Completing income tax returns is just one aspect of our services.  Every day, situations can affect your personal and business tax picture.  For example, we discuss with our corporate clients, and determine with them the optimal compensation amounts and formats (salary vs. dividends).   For personal clients, we are finding that eldercare is a situation that can dramatically affect their tax situation, but many are unaware of some of the tax credits that arise in these types of situations.  Come and see how we can help you lessen your taxes!

Business advisory

New clients are always coming to us when they are starting a new venture to discuss how to set it up, such as incorporating or not.  Obtaining the right information lessens some of the risks involved in setting up your venture!  For our existing clients, we consistently hear that they consider us a partner in their success, so we are frequently consulted over major purchases, investments, succession planning, etc.

Estate and Financial Planning

Often when we lose a loved one, it is overwhelming for those left with the responsibilities to settle the estate.  When we work with our clients on estate and financial planning, we implement a plan to lessen the tax burden on passing, so that the estate that was accumulated over the deceased life is maintained for their loved ones.  We also work with the solicitor of the deceased to file the necessary returns.

Accounting Services

Preparing financial statements at year end for tax purposes, or for creditors is often a requirement for business owners.  But the review at this time of changes year over year in income and expenses, can lead to discussions of opportunities to increase the bottom line.

Bookkeeping and Training

As Quickbooks and Simply Accounting advisors, we add value to our clients from implementation to day to day operations.  We can assist clients with the initial setup of their chart of accounts, or monthly bank reconciliations, using the systems for HST, WSIB, and payroll remittances, as well as best practices for day to day transactions.